A megalomaniacal film director thinks that he can create the perfect woman and get over his ex by casting a female street violinist in his bizarre version of the famous play Pygmalion.

Pygmalion will be released theatrically in 2022

Directed by Amy Hesketh

Written by Jac Avila

Produced by Jac Avila and Amy Hesket

Cinematography by Miguel Inti Canedo


  • Mila Joya: Vera / Elisa Doolittle
  • Jac Avila: Hendrix / Higgins
  • Amy Hesketh: Heather / Ms. Pickering
  • Eric Calancha: Alfredo Doolittle
  • Beatriz Rivera: Penelope /Clara
  • Roberto Lopez: Coronel Higgins
  • Alejandro Loayza: Alan
  • Erix Antoine: Tony Marino
  • Ruzandra Calin: Melodica
  • Fermin Nuñez: Journalist
  • Miguel Angel BellotProductor